Vade Nutrition Review

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Dan Smullen has a Bsc. in sport science & has over 9 years of experience in personal training. Apart from training and blogging, he is also a tech fanatic & loves his coffee.

In a world where protein powder is becoming increasingly popular among athletes and gym-goers, it can be hard to know which product is the best for you.

There are thousands of brands on the market, each with their own products that are designed to build muscle, increase speed of weight loss, repair damaged tissue, and make hormones.

Vade Nutrition Review

Vade Nutrition is arguably one of the lesser known protein powder brands in the country, but since its growth from 2018 and onwards, Vade is becoming a badly kept secret in gyms across the USA.

So, whether you’re new to the world of protein powders and looking for a starter product, or if you’re an expert in the field of building muscle, here’s the ultimate Vade Nutrition review!

What Is Vade Nutrition?

Vade Nutrition was founded by Joe and Megan Johnson, who had become tired of working their corporate jobs and decided to follow their dreams of entrepreneurship.

They began selling products under their brand name in the middle of 2016, with the aim of creating portable protein powder products that can be taken on the go.

It wasn’t until 2018, however, when Vade Nutrition blew up as a business.

Not only did Vade Nutrition appear on Shark Tank, but it also landed a deal with Alex Rodriguez (former American baseball player) and Mark Cuban (American billionaire entrepreneur).

Since then, Vade Nutrition has maintained itself as a family-run business and continues to grow every year.

Vade Nutrition Products

As briefly mentioned before, Vade Nutrition is a brand that focuses on protein powder that can be taken anywhere.

Protein powder so often comes in large containers, which might be fine for keeping at home, but these containers aren’t always the most convenient to travel with.

So, to combat the inconvenience of traditional protein powder containers, Vade Nutrition produces portable protein packs featuring dissolvable technology to reduce the need to bring large containers in your car, to work, or to the gym.

There are three categories of products: whey isolate protein, plant-based meal replacement, and pre-workout.

Vade Nutrition also offers starter packs for those venturing into the world of protein powder.

Whey Isolate Protein Products

Here is a list of the current whey isolate protein products available from Vade Nutrition:

Each milkshake flavor comes in either 1 serving, 16 servings, or 30 servings. There is also a combo pack of all three flavors available if you can’t pick a favorite.

The option of having a single serving size is ideal for those who want to try the whey isolate protein without committing to 16 or 30 servings.

Not only this, but you can stock up on the single servings and keep them in your car or gym bag for whenever you need a quick boost. However, single servings mean there is slightly more waste.

Every flavor is made with dissolvable technology, wherein all you need to do is drop a serving bag into any liquid, shake, and drink up.

The serving bags are made of food-grade binding agents found in vitamins, so they are completely safe to consume.

Not only is this convenient, but it also helps to reduce single use plastic waste.

Plus, each flavor is said to be very tasty, and they don’t produce the jittery side effect - unlike some other protein powder products.


  • Tasty - Above all else, reviewers state that these milkshakes are delicious
  • Convenient - Dissolvable technology means these shakes are easy to make and consume
  • Serving sizes - Comes in single servings, 16 servings, or 30 servings depending on your needs


  • Pod breakages - If delivered without care, there’s a risk of the pods breaking

Plant-Based Meal Replacement Products

Vade Nutrition offers one plant-based meal replacement product that comes in either 1 serving or 14 servings.

Just like the whey isolate protein products, the meal replacement servings come in dissolvable bags that simply need to be added to any liquid, and then shaken until smooth.

The flavor is rich chocolate.

As the name suggests, this is a meal replacement product made from brown rice, organic power greens, chicory root fiber, and pea protein alongside 26 essential minerals and vitamins.

This product is 100% plant-based and also sugar-free, lactose-free, and gluten-free.

This product comes with glowing reviews from its buyers, stating that the creamy texture and delicious flavor makes it an ideal meal replacement for those trying to lose weight healthily.

Despite containing no sugar, the rich chocolate flavor helps to soothe sweet cravings and keeps you full until the next meal.


  • Easy meal replacement - Tasty and fills you up, carrying you through to the next meal
  • Plant-based - Suitable for vegans, and it’s also free from lactose, sugar, and gluten
  • Convenient - Easy to make thanks to dissolvable design


  • Works best in milk - Some reviewers have said the taste works best in milk rather than water

Pre-Workout Products

There are two kinds of pre-workout products available by Vade Nutrition: the regular pre-workout packs, and the upgraded extreme pre-workout packs.

Both products come either as a single serving sample pack, 15 servings, or 24 servings.

Vade Nutrition’s pre-workout products are designed to enhance your workout and improve performance.

This is achieved by its extensive ingredients list, filled with ingredients designed to improve endurance, power output, strength, and even recovery time. The flavor comes in blue razz.

The main three ingredients are L-Citrulline, Beta Alanine, and MG Caffeine.

As with all of Vade Nutrition’s other products, their pre-workout servings come in dissolvable bags that are simply added to water and shaken for 10-20 seconds until blended.

It is recommended to consume this drink 15 to 30 minutes before a workout.

One of the main differences between the regular pre-workout and the extreme pre-workout products is that the extreme comes in more flavors - rainbow candy, sour gummy worms, or a combination of both.

It is consumed in the same way as the pre-workout powder.

The other key difference is that the extreme pre-workout is filled with 400mg PEAK ATP, which is responsible for enhancing energy, strength, muscle performance, and a general boost of power output.

Not only this, but the extreme pre-workout is designed to prevent fatigue and improve recovery time.


  • Ideal for before workouts - Proven to boost energy, improve strength and muscle performance, and reduce fatigue
  • Tasty - Flavors are nice to drink before a workout
  • No jitters - Even the extreme pre-workout doesn’t have jittery side effects


  • Sour - Not everyone enjoys sour flavors

Vade Nutrition: Overall Review

So, we’ve taken a look at the products available by Vade Nutrition, but is Vade Nutrition worth it?


Ultimately, the most appealing feature of Vade Nutrition’s products is the convenience of not having to measure out portions.

The dissolvable bags are safe to consume and make the whole process incredibly easy - simply add the bag to whatever liquid you choose (whether it’s water, milk, or a smoothie), shake for 10-20 seconds until blended, and then enjoy!

This also means that it’s easy to bring singular bags to work, in your car, in your bag, or to the gym. You might want to put the bags in a container, however, to prevent them from exploding.


Something that customers rave about is the flavor of Vade Nutrition’s products.

The flavors range from classic milkshake flavors to sour candy, allowing everyone to find a flavor that suits their preference.

It also means that these products are designed to soothe sweet cravings without the risk of adding sugar to your diet.


Most importantly, the success rate of Vade Nutrition’s products is the most important factor.

Each of their products is proven to improve performance, whether it’s to lose weight, find a meal replacement, or prepare the body for an intense workout.

Customer reviews say it all, with glowing reviews for every product available.


Even the cost of Vade Nutrition’s products are reasonable.

Depending on how you choose to buy the products (of course, bulk buying larger quantities is a better deal than constantly buying single servings), Vade Nutrition is a cost-effective way to get protein powder.

Plus, if you commit to a subscription, you will receive a premium Vade Nutrition Shaker Bottle and save 15% off your total purchase.

Even without the subscription discount, the prices are reasonable for those wanting to experiment with their products.

Conclusion: Is Vade Nutrition Worth It?

If you’re wondering if Vade Nutrition is worth it, the answer is a resounding yes.

The family-owned business has made its mark on the sports nutrition industry, and will continue to rise in popularity.

Their products are not just proven for success, but their convenience makes them ideal for everyone - from people with experience of protein shakes to newbies.

The convenience is ultimately the most attractive factor in Vade Nutrition’s products.

Instead of having to measure out servings and bring large containers around with you, you can simply keep single serving bags in your car, bag, and at work for a quick shake.

To conclude, Vade Nutrition is definitely worth it.

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Dan Smullen has a Bsc. in sport science & has over 9 years of experience in personal training. Apart from training and blogging, he is also a tech fanatic & loves his coffee.