Best Running Shoes For The Beach

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While running through the city can make for a very scenic and exciting route, there is just some amazing feeling you get from running on the beach that makes it such a memorable experience for all runners.

Best Running Shoes For The Beach

Not only can it make for some amazing views, there are actually some great health benefits to running on the beach not only from breathing in the smooth sea air, but it can also massively enhance your muscle strength as you try to keep a stable footing on the sand.

This is also an issue however that can put people off wanting to run on the beach since you can run the risk of losing your balance which can lead to some unwanted accidents if you don’t take precautions.

One of the easiest ways to avoid this is buying some shoes specifically designed to grip around your feet a bit tighter that will make running on sand much easier.

Here are some of the best shoes currently on the market designed to keep you comfortable and safe when running on the beach.

Shoes For Women


These 100% textile mesh shoes are a great comfortable choice given how easily they wrap around feet.

The mesh and neoprene design surrounding the shoe makes them flexible and easy to run in with just enough stability provided by the rubber sole to make running enjoyable but also safe.

A bonus with these shoes is regardless of the size, whether you pick up a size above or below your actual shoe size, they will still fit like a glove because of their tight fit neoprene and mesh exterior.

They are very quick drying and provide a nice amount of ventilation due to the fabric, and with a few colors to choose from, The Speedo Women’s Tidal Cruiser is an easy to use and stylish running shoe for the beach.


  • Flexible mesh and neoprene design for comfortable grip
  • Fabric allows for good ventilation to prevent sweat
  • Rubber sole for good stability while running
  • Quick dry makes for great water resistance


  • Limited colors and sizes (5-11)
  • Fairly expensive


A customisable but still comfortable option, the NORTIV Quick Dry Shoes come in 12 color variations which are all well complimented by the fabric material mixed with a professional rubber outsole.

Alongside being very personalized, the fabric of this shoe is ultra lightweight and very breathable being able to dry out quickly.

This makes them not only extremely comfortable to wear on sand as if you are almost running barefoot, but they are also highly resistant to getting soaked from running near water.

The elastic neck and bungee laces that are stylised but also easy to tie up make putting on the shoe simple to do and ready to go in an instant so you can run comfortably and look stylish while doing it.


  • Large variation of colors
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric
  • Elastic neck and bungee laces make for easy tie up
  • Outsole dry out feature prevents water buildup


  • Back of shoe will rub against ankle if worn without sock


This multipurpose shoe is both excellent for running near the sea but can also be comfortable for hiking if you decide you want to jog through more mountainous scenery on your holiday.

The breathable upper mesh material is fitted with several tiny holes that not only makes the shoes very resistant to any sweat keeping them much more comfortable while you run, but also allows for excellent drainage getting rid of any water that gets caught in the shoe in just a few seconds.

The elastic and non-slip sole allows for a steady but comfortable running experience that keeps you balanced on the sand while also being extremely water resistant meaning you can not only run as close to the sea as you’d like, but can also get involved in other activities such as water yoga or beach volleyball without having to worry about your shoes filling up.


  • Mesh material very breathable and waterproof
  • Comfortable and non-slip elastic sole for safety
  • Large selection of colors
  • Good amount of sizes (5.5 -10)
  • Very multipurpose, perfect for running and hiking


  • Soft insole can wear out after much use


These shoes provide the maximum amount of comfortability due to their breathable and quick drying mesh material, but also due to the full covering design including dedicated protection to ensure your feet stay comfortable and safe while running on the beach.

Their 90% fabric material makes them flexible and easy to run in however they also come fitted with elastic straps that easily adjust the shoe and avoids any annoyance involved with having to tie shoes up for a session, simply throw them on and they will easily wrap around your feet.

The rubber sole also allows for a great amount of stability along with the pull tap feature near the heel which is easy to slip on, but will also stretch back into place ensuring your foot won’t slip out while running.

This also makes them ideal for a whole range of other activities including water yoga, fishing and kayaking so you can enjoy your holiday even more.


  • Breathable and water resistant mesh design
  • Rubber sole for great stability
  • Flexible fabric and elastic for easy and comfortable fit
  • Can also be great for other beach activities


  • Rubber sole has been known to scuff after continuous use


These Hiitave Water Shoes have a very unique barefoot design thanks to their very wide toe box and natural stride design that keeps your feet low to the ground and keeps the shoe incredibly flexible to make it seem as if you are wearing no shoes at all.

You can even choose to remove the insole to give yourself even more of a feeling of being barefoot while you run.

The shoes also come equipped with an integrated drainage system to flush out any water building up.

Alongside a quality rubber sole that will help maintain balance while running which is also slip resistant to avoid any accidents, these shoes also come fitted with an anti-collision design around the toe box which protects your feet from being hurt if you accidentally run into or kick a stone when jogging across the beach.

These added features not only make these shoes great for running but also very optimal to use for other beach sports so if you spot an activity in the distance that you’d love to get involved with, you won’t need to worry about switching out shoes.

With a huge range of designs that are not too similar to each other, these Hiitave shoes are a perfect ‘barefoot’ running shoe with excellent safety measures built in.


  • Low to the ground ‘barefoot’ style for great comfortability and balance
  • Removable insole
  • Wide toe box makes for great stability while running
  • Integrated draining system resists water buildup 
  • Huge range of unique designs and colors


  • Nylon buckle can be occasionally loose while running

Shoes For Men


While these trainers are a bit more on the pricier side, this is for good reason since the shoe is specifically designed to make you feel as if you are running barefoot entirely.

With the heel and forefoot being an equal distance from the ground, along with an optional removable insole, these shoes will provide just a bit of layering and protection while allowing you to feel as if you are running barefoot on the beach and keeping a steady pace while doing it.

The shoes 1:1 ratio also works to naturally align your feet and back posture while running ensuring you don’t hunch over or hurt your body.

It comes in an expansive range of sizes and colors and with its flexible design and wide toe box, this shoe is perfect for replicating a barefoot feeling while also protecting and balancing your feet with its true rubber sole and tightened fit.


  • Low heel and forefoot encourages steady running on sand
  • Removable insole
  • 1:1 ration improves back posture
  • Wide toe box for extra balancing
  • Wide range of colors and sizes


  • Bit more expensive
  • Not entirely water resistant 


Another WHITIN product but one that definitely should not be ignored, the beauty of these cross trainers is their anatomical design that will wrap around any feet tightly while you run across a beach.

They come with a thin flat zero-drop and flexible sole which encourages better proprioception and feedback from the ground while jogging across sand.

The anatomic design also allows for a wide toe box that molds itself around your feet, this is especially important when running on sand as having little room in the toe box can make a runner lose their balance far easier.

To top it off, not only are there a good range of size and color choices, but the shoes are also vegan friendly and have been made entirely using 0% animal products.


  • Anatomical design for wrap around fit
  • Zero-drop and flexible sole
  • Wide toe box for great balance
  • No animal products used in making shoe


  • Material will start fading after prolonged use


For a shoe specifically designed to protect against the water but also remaining comfortable and steady on your feet while you move, the ALEADER Aqua Shoes are a great choice.

Not only are they incredibly customisable coming in 19 different colors all with their own unique styles and designs, they are also fitted with a water grip on the outsole which provides an incredible amount of traction in wet surfaces.

This means you won’t have to stray too far away from the tide if you don’t want to and can run on the water not only comfortably, but also easily with no fears about tripping over or losing your footing.

Their built in ComforDry sockliner also provides incredible cushioning to help running performance but also provides a cool and dry shoe environment which is only bolstered by the breathable mesh material surrounding the shoe.

With a water drain outsole that will also quickly drain out any water in little to no time, these shoes are extremely breathable and steady with their rubber sole but also one of the most water resistant shoes on the market to protect you while on the beach.


  • ComforDry sockliner provides extra cushioning
  • Mesh material very tight fitting and breathable
  • Water grip outsole provides water traction
  • Water draining on outsole
  • Great choices of size and color


  • Sizes can be too tight, recommend to buy one size larger


An excellent choice that has a generous price point and that you can throw on and get running with in an instant, the SUOKENI Water Shoes with their super lightweight and soft mesh design are a great choice for running on the beach if you don’t want to break the bank.

The shoes come with an anti-slip outsole with strong track adhesion which will give you a good grip on the surface you're running on whether it be sand or water.

The great amount of toe protection also means the shoe can adapt to different conditions and won’t wear out or cause issues if you decide to use them on different surfaces for when you are running.

They also come equipped with a very unique elastic shoelace design that not only looks stylish, but is modeled in a way where the laces are almost tied themselves, being strung up the middle of the shoe and just requiring you to tighten them up how you would like.

This not only adds a great amount of grip level, but also leaves behind the annoyance every runner has of their laces coming untied and potentially being a tripping hazard.


  • Great price point for material
  • Very lightweight and breathable mesh
  • Anti-slip outsole with track adhesion for better grip
  • Elastic shoelace stays tied up
  • Outsole water draining holes


  • Rocks and sand can commonly get stuck in outer sole holes


While the design of these shoes may look strange at first glance, as soon as you slide these shoes on you will feel just how comfortable they are, almost as if you aren’t wearing a shoe at all.

These shoes are fitted with a 3 toe model that creates an incredible barefoot design paired up with a zero heel lift keeping you low to the ground and really making you feel as if you’re running barefoot.

The 3 toe pocket system works by offering the first and second toes the articulation they need to maximize performance while reducing the potential of picking up any injuries because of the easier slip-on entry compared to a standard 5 toe pocket design.

The ultra-grip outer sole of the shoe along with their integrated drainage system (IDS) also rids water quickly flushing it through the outsole.

The elastic shoelace design also makes it so you can adjust your shoes tightness down to exactly how you think feels best and with the stretch fabric allowing for even more flexibility, for the closest you can get to a ‘barefoot’ experience when running on the beach, these shoes are an excellent choice.


  • 3T toe pockets makes for excellent barefoot design
  • Zero heel lift keeps you close to the ground
  • Ultra grip outer sole for great traction and stability
  • IDS system rids water buildup
  • Elastic shoelace makes tightness very adjustable


  • Sizes can be inaccurate, buying size up is advised
  • Quite expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

What Shoe Materials Are Best For Running On Sand?

While there is no specific material that will trump the others, fabric and mesh are the go to materials because of how breathable and flexible they are, allowing a runner to move at a decent speed without the stiffness of a shoe slowing down your pace.

They are also extremely lightweight which is perfect for running on sand because of the extra added grip it gives you rather than weighing you down.

It is also heavily advised to wear thin and airy socks when running on the beach not only to prevent sweat build up, but they will also dry far quicker and mix well with the water resistant design of most beach running shoes.


Running on the beach can be a nuisance if you decide to use regular running shoes that may have seen some previous use, however there are a range of shoes such as these listed on the market designed specifically to keep you comfortable and safe while running on the beach so you can enjoy a scenic route and even get involved in some other beach activities along the way.

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Dan Smullen has a Bsc. in sport science & has over 9 years of experience in personal training. Apart from training and blogging, he is also a tech fanatic & loves his coffee.