Best Bicycle Brands

Bicycles are widely used vehicles in the world as it is relatively cheap and easy to use when compared to other types of transportation. Bicycles can be used for competitive sports and also for leisure activities. Whatever might be your need the stores in Mississauga sells the Best bikes mississauga that is of the finest quality. If you are looking at some of the best Bicycles brands in the world, we have gathered some of the best in the game.



Giant is arguably one of the best brands that are dominating the market. Giant is a Taiwan based manufacturing giant with its plants in the Netherlands and China. They manufacture bikes with all ranges and with features that include great design and dual suspension. Founded in 1972, with their main goal being to make sure that cycling is made better and accessible.

GT Bikes

Richard Long and Gart Tumer founded GT bikes in 1972, The Santa Ana, California. They are mainly road bikes, BMX bikes, and mountain bikes. This brand became a benchmark due to its triangle design that took it to the heights of success. With the best performing bikes in the business, the company offers very attractive bikes with incredibly great looks.

Santa Cruz

One of the top bicycle brands in the market, mainly due to its high-class performance. It was founded by Rich Novak and Roskop Rob n the year 1993 to supply high-end bikes. They are based in California and are designed to give easy, which makes it easier for climbing hills and mountains. They also cater to the budget riders through their quality and affordable bikes.


Founded in 1979 Trek cycles were known for their durability as they are considered the market leader. They sell products under different brand names such as Gray Fisher, Electra Bicycle Company, etc. They brought in the first range of bikes which were durable and can be produced by heavy guys. They are marketed in more than 90 countries and has more than 1700 dealers in North America alone.


Specialized is an American bicycle brand that manufactures bicycle and bicycle parts. It is one of the most popular brands in the world, and these bikes are so popular that in the sporting industry at one point, five Olympians used Specialised bikes to compete. This is enough evidence that their bikes are easy to drive to the mountains and have a very comfortable journey.


Cannondale is a Canadian based company which launched its products in the year 1983. Attributing for bringing success in the new era, by launching aluminum frames. the company has now ventured into carbon fiber design. They are associated with super efficient bikes with effortless gear shifting mechanism which results in a smooth mountain ride. Cannondale has now expanded and now targetting the Asian market by launching a plan in Taiwan.